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. >> most people heard the advice, don't drive to san francisco this weekend. >> every newspaper, every television station, yes, heard them all. >> channel 5. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands opted for public transit, bart chattered its record, 319,484 people road bart yesterday. the old record was under 288,000 set in 2007. the average for saturdays this year, 202,000. >> more money for us to reinvest, new train cars. repairing. >> reporter: money is another reason to stay out of the car. >> the price of the gas. >> also hitting new highs in california, what better time to take cal train. others traded traffic for a boat. >> we said go on the water and have a great time. >> reporter: those who did drive paid a premium for parking. many jacked up their prices for the weekend. [ laughter ] >> 30 bucks. >> reporter: are you glad you didn't drive? >> we are walking. >> reporter: pay paid. >> worth it. >> reporter: we found parking 80 bucks. paying for convenience. for hundreds of thousands not parking was the easiest way to go. anne makovec, cbs 5. [ singing ] >>> san francisco's new arc
. >> all right, well, it was an exciting night for san francisco fans here in san francisco and in detroit. [cheers and applause] this was the reaction for the victory at civic center plaza. thousands of fans gathered to watch the game together on a jumbotron. when the giants made the last out pandemonium overwhelmed the crowd. amazing scene. all right, time to bring in dennis it was a spectacular game. >> yes. take that box right, the they never gave them the respect. >> now they are backing off a little bit. maybe we under estimated them. >> you think? >> not just the giants that won the world series it is how they won it. this 4-game sweep stunned the world by silencing a detroit lineup with some of the most dominant pitching witnessed in a fall classic. big daddy cane, the heart and soul, he got the call in game 4 and in the 6th inning, young, slaps one up and out to tie the game at 3. it was young's third home run of the post season. consolation at this point. stayed that way until the 10th. phraoping the base hit. a dew point moved them over and -- taking the base hit. a bunt moved t
another giants championship play-off about to get underway. >> it's going great things for san francisco. for these guys to do what they did in cincinnati and bring it home, they have hopefully a good seven games ahead of them. hopefully not seven. >> reporter: seven games if the giants win would be a torturous thriller but good for business. reporting live in san francisco, cbs 5. >>> and here's a look at the giants schedule against the cardinals. in the best of seven series. the giants have home field advantage. the first game is tomorrow at at&t park at 5:00. game 2 also at 5:00 on monday. then it's off to st. louis for three games. then, if needed, back to san francisco for the last two. kim will have more on tomorrow's game in a few minutes. >>> tomorrow, the shuttle endeavour's journey has slowed from a crawl to a dead stop. it's eight hours behind schedule and not expected to arrive at the california science center until tomorrow. crews are having trouble with the trailer carrying endeavour. and the large crowds have made logistics more complicated. thousands of have waited hours
't much better across the bay in san francisco. that is where we find cbs 5 reporter don knapp. >> reporter: apparently as we learned tonight it's pretty easy to shut down the bart system if you don't mind remembering your life. when authorities say what he was doing they had no choice, but to shut the system down. stiffing crowds of bart riders clogged stairs and platforms at embarcadero and stations around the area. bart was forced to shutout unall trains using the transbay tube. >> they told us somebody had gotten into the tube and had to stop trains in and out of foreman. >> reporter: that because quarter to 7:00 on what promised to be a businessia busy night. >> reporter: bart police took a train into the tube and found the man and arrested him without incident. folks would have to wait up to an hour or more and this they were getting antsy. around 8:15 word came over the pa system that trains would start running again soon and this couple arrived from the giants- cardinals game just as the trains were starting up. >> we left in the bottom of the 7th inning, because we w
getting hotter. >>> good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. developing news out of san francisco tonight. hazmat crews have evacuated a block in the north beach area of san francisco on powell street. police responded to a call of an apparent suicide about three hours ago. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got to the scene. 15 people inside the building have been evacuated. >>> that spectacular light show we've all been waiting for is expected to happen overnight tonight. earlier this evening, a crowd at the college at san mateo turned out for a previously scheduled astronomy festival. don? >> reporter: if there's one thing that's known about that spectacular fireball that cruised over the bay area this week, it's that it got everybody's attention. and some scientists suggest, for that reason alone, it may be good for science. adults and children peer through scopes on the rooftop of the science building at the college of san mateo. the science and astronomy festival was planned for one time. a fireball that rolled through the bay area. it slowed enough to increase chances
this busy weekend in the bay area. a slew of big events in san francisco is bringing in an estimated one million people to the city by the bay. the play-off game will be here. the a's first play-off game in six years. >> in the case of both teams, the issue was pitching. not the bay area teams, but the opposing pitchers. and boy, the giants, all that buildup, seemably all the planets aligned. play-off opener. first of all, look at this, flashing a little leather here. but first, the long ball. away and gone. matt cain, roughed up. but brandon phillips, buster posey. the giants made it a 3-1 game. they were down 5-2. two on. and posey, well, you might say they stole this one. a final of 5-3. game 2 coming up tomorrow. >>> as for the a's, they were in detroit. coco crisp, first leadoff. a's led 1-0, had the big momentum until justin verlander said, ah, just sit down. how about eleven strikeouts? a's batters struck out 14 times, although with a 3-1, they could have tied it off right here. brandon moss... it's cut in the deepest part of the park. a's lose that game. final of 3-1. game 2 w
degrees warmer than yesterday in san francisco, 84 degrees. 80 in pacifica. otherwise 80s and 90s across the peninsula. topping off at 100 degrees in livermore, which shattered a record established in 1952. i know what you need to know, tomorrow's temperatures. it will be hotter. 80 in pacifica. 100 morgan hill. east of the bay, that is where we will see the numbers. 103 for the hottest locations. napa 90s. and an alert you need to know about, we will talk about that later in the newscast. >> thank you. >>> two polls show californians split on crime and punishment. prop 34 is in favor of life without parole. the poll shows 38% in favor. 51% opposed. however that gap narrowed when they are told convicted killers would have to work in prison and pay restitution. >> reporter: right now death row inmates watch tv, talk to their lawyers. prop 34 puts an tend to that and puts them to work. sentencing them to life in prison. and requires every person convict offend murder to work in prison and pay restitution it the families. representatives spoke on cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. . >> whe
over the cardinals. now on to the winner take all game 7 in san francisco tomorrow. this is the 5th time the giants won an elimination this post season. we are at at&t park, dennis, all about ryan and the food. >> that is right. the right hander pitching the 5th straight win. striking out in the 1st inning, alan craig, one of 9 that was a career high. did not take long for the giants to get on the board. marco drove in a pair of runs with a double off of the wall. 4-1 giants and then they win 6- 1, they will force a game 7 tomorrow night. obviously a enthusiastic happy giant's clubhouse. we will do "game day" on location and it will be a fun night but it is raining now here at at&t. >> all right, we have julie coming up with more on that, thank you, dennis. >>> with this age of social media it is no surprise the giants taken over twitter in the past few days. it started with rallyzito. and tonight, trending right now in san francisco, rallycane and that is for game 7 starter and ace of the game. fans can breathe easier, at least until tomorrow's win or take all game. it promises to
: they do call this a world series. we don't take it for granted in san francisco when a world series comes to town, but it's somewhat easy to get there. this is the world series. they really came from all over the world. >> yeah! giants! >> reporter: this was a win for the giants and a giant win. >> let's take care of this tomorrow night. get it over with. let's go home to san francisco and party. >> this is a sweep, an easy sweep. it's all about the giants! >> awesome. this is embarrassing. >> reporter: not the kind of baseball weather the giants are used to, but a 3-0 game keeps them warm, not the giants fans didn't make themselves at home anyway, in a sea of blue and orange. a stripe of a different color. orange and black. >> where am i? i feel like i'm at second and king. >> reporter: no woodward and adams, detroit, michigan. >> we drove from minneapolis last night. >> reporter: all part of giant nation on tour. so far, the orange and blue aren't turning the orange and black, black and blue. >> every person has been real friendly. booing me, but friendly. >> reporter: giant nation mak
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9